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SEO, Marketing, Writing and Editing Services

Our ServicesUsing search engine optimisation, online marketing, writing and editing techniques to their best effect can add much more than just the icing to your website. They can fundamentally affect how much of the online ‘search market’ pie, you and your business are going to enjoy.

Find out more by following the links below on how search engine optimisation, online/web marketing, writing and editing for your website can help bring your website, and not you, to boiling point.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Starting at the source and introducing basic ingredients

Find out more about the search engine optimisation services that can improve the quality and volume of organic traffic to your website:

Web Marketing Services

Developing the right recipes for online marketing success

Find out more about the web marketing techniques which can increase the volume of traffic to your website through paid listings and placements:

  • Website Marketing Review – Quick fix ideas to improve website marketing, usability and sales.
  • Web Marketing Strategy – Outline of how to improve and promote your website’s online visibility through social media marketing (Facebook, blogs, newsletters, etc).
  • Newsletters – Regularly supplied newsletter copy to help improve customer relationships, promote brand awareness and increase website traffic.
  • Online Press Releases – Creates wider search engine coverage for your site through news releases.

Writing Services

Cooking up creative writing for web and print publications

Find out more about the writing services that can turn your blank pages into creative and professional online or print publications for your business:

Website Design & Development Services

From famine to feast – a website from just the seeds of an idea

Find out how our team approach can take your website project off the back burner and into one hot enchillada:

  • Website Design – Turning up the heat on your website project.
  • Website Development – Refining your cake into gateaux with the help of The Contented Website tech-chefs.

Editing Services

Adding the finishing touches and flourishes to your dishes

Find out more about editing and proofreading services that can fine-tune your text helping it to sing out about your business in a professional and credible way:

  • Copy Editing – Adding the finish you want to raw copy.
  • Proofreading – Dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s to complete the dish.

Service Fees

View fees for website content services.

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“Professional search engine optimisation, writing and editing services from Steph Kendall, freelance optimiser and editor.”