Web writing, writing, copywriting (marketing) and copyediting services from UK trained copywriter and editor, Steph Kendall, based in Christchurch, New Zealand

Writing Service (Web and Print)

Communicating effectively is all about knowing your audience and writing for them in a language they can clearly understand, be it plain-English, ‘txt’ talk or braille. Writing for a specific medium (e.g. web, print or SMS), developing a certain tone of voice and creating an engaging and lively writing style can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if writing just isn’t your thing.

If you find a blank page intimidating, you can commission me to write your website, web pages, marketing copy or any other text for you. During the last fifteen years, I have written:

  • Website copy and content, website pages
  • Newsletters, articles, FAQ, glossaries, tips and advice columns
  • Company manuals, software user documentation and technical reports
  • Marketing material including concept copy, sales presentations, letters and point-of-sale material
  • Catalogues, book blurbs, brochures, fliers and resumes.

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Service Fees

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“Web writing, writing, copywriting and copy-editing services from experienced writer and editor, Steph Kendall.”