Stephanie Beecher Freelance Web Writer and Optimisation Editor, Kettering UK, Christchurch New Zealand, Darwin Australia

Steph Kendall

Stephanie Kendall (nee Beecher)

Until April 2006, I was known personally and professionally by my maiden name Stephanie Beecher, although of course everyone called me Steph, rather than Stephanie (unless I was in trouble).

The Beecher Brewed into a Kendall

I decided to change my name when I became a married woman as it marked the start of my husband, Tristan and I creating a new family together. When I started working as a freelance web editor and optimiser in 2009, my Beecher days seemed far behind me.

If you’re wondering whether or not I’m the Steph Beecher you once knew, you may have known me during the years spent at the following schools:

  • Barton Seagrave Infant and Junior School, Barton Seagrave, England
  • Latimer School, Barton Seagrave (Kettering), England
  • University of Warwick, Coventry, England

Or possibly, at any of the jobs listed in my resume.

Get In Touch

Please feel free to get in touch, although I’m listed in some of the usual online networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), I’m don’t check in with these account on a daily basis, so contacting me through this website is your best bet!

“Website optimisation, writing and editing services from experienced online editor, Stephanie Beecher.”