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Web Marketing Services

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Web Marketing Services

Marketing strategies to promote your website’s online visibility and improve its performance

1. Website Marketing Review

Using your website statistics to analyse the current performance of your website, this review also aims to improve website performance by:

  • Making assessments and recommendations about your site’s search engine friendlines
  • Reviewing the sales and marketing presentation
  • Reviewing the pitch, ‘tone of voice’ and content used in the website pages
  • Considering issues regarding design and usability

2. Web Marketing Strategy

This strategy provides definitions of and recommendations for different web marketing options for your business including:

  • Blog marketing
  • Banner advertising (on 3rd party websites)
  • Newsletters* and email marketing
  • Social media marketing (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Video marketing(e.g. YouTube)
  • Online press releases

This strategy can also include a search engine optimisation strategy for the ‘complete package.

3.* Newsletters

Keeping in touch with your customers via a regularly sent newsletter is a great way to foster relationships, promote products and offers and drive people to your website. From raw text (or from almost nothing at all), The Contented Website can come up with the ideas for your newsletters and supply the text for them on a regular basis.

4. Online Press Releases

Submitting genuine news releases to online press release websites is an useful way to promote a website. Although it may seem that not much is happening in a business, there is generally news to be found in: new staff appointments, upcoming events, competitions, sponsorship announcements and refurbishments, not to mention the launch of new websites, products and services.

The creation and distribution of online press releases is based on an hourly rate and includes: press release consultation and writing, submission to the client for pre-release approval, followed by submissions to press release websites (in accordance with each site’s guidelines). Press releases are also submitted to newsdesks by email when it is appropriate to do so.

Please note: The distribution of press releases online is not designed to replace the work of a specialist PR firm, who may have strong partnerships with media representatives.

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